Costa Rica Eco-Vacation

Come to Costa Rica and experience wildlife like never before. Costa Rica has an intense level of biodiversity, and serves as a habitat for 5 percent of all of the world’s species. And it’s not just in the rainforest. On an eco-vacation you can see coral reefs, cloud forests, and mangrove estuaries. Costa Rica is one of the world’s frontrunners in sustainable travel, and while you’re here you can book ecologically friendly tours and hotels.


Stay in a secluded eco-lodge on the Osa Peninsula, and begin your morning with yoga in an on-site studio. Visit an inn on a cliff above the ocean, and spend your days exploring volcanoes, or boating on a remote lake. See some of Costa Rica’s 800 species of birds in the wetlands of Caño Negro, or in the wilds of Corcovado National Park. San Gerardo de Dota and the Sarapiquí River are both quite secluded, and have incredible bird watching and rivers with whitewater rapids — these areas have especially bountiful plant and animal life.

More Fun, Less Carbon

Costa Rica’s government is committed to ensuring eco-travel leaves as little of an impact as possible on the environment. The government awards Certificates of Sustainable Travel to businesses that have worked to make their services carbon neutral. There are eco-lodges and nature reserves throughout the country. Enjoy unspoiled beaches and sleep under the rainforest canopy when you visit remote locations that are only accessible by plane or boat. During your stays at an eco-lodge you’ll get to eat meals made with fresh, local food.

Get Help From our Experts

Set your own flexible itinerary and we'll provide ongoing service and advice from those who know Costa Rica best—Costa Ricans themselves. Let one of our friendly travel specialists help you plan your eco-getaway today.

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