Rainforest Vacations In Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s rainforest should top everyone’s list of must-see destinations. Walk slowly, and look closely — you’ll spot rare plants and animals in every direction. We can help you find marked paths through well-maintained parks, or arrange for a guide to take you into the wilderness of the Osa Peninsula. No matter how wet you get, the rainforest is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip.


You can find some of Costa Rica’s rainforests near pristine beaches. Manuel Antonio National Park has some of the prettiest beaches in Costa Rica, and an incredible variety of monkeys living in its rainforest. Visit Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula to embark on tours of the rainforest in Corcovado National Park, and go snorkeling and kayaking near the coast. In Monteverde and Arenal you can explore rainforests growing on the sides of volcanoes. Inside the rainforest you’ll also get to see some of Costa Rica’s most unusual sights, like the bright blue water of the Río Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park. No photoshop needed — these destinations look plenty unreal on their own.

Educational Rainforest Hikes

Experience the thrill of spotting a rare bird, and keep an eye out for sloths and monkeys hanging from the trees. At the end of your day, relax in an eco-lodge or a rustic cabin. You can find accommodations within easy range of beaches, volcanoes, and cloud forests. Sign up to have a guide take you on a nature hike and come away with a deepened appreciation of Costa Rica’s complex ecosystems.

Let Our Experts Lead the Way

Whether you are passionate about exotic wildlife or looking for an active, educational vacation in the rainforest, Costa Rica offers vacation choices for every budget and set of interests. Set your own flexible itinerary while we provide ongoing support service and advice from some of the people those who know Costa Rica best — our team of local experts.

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