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Maleku Indigenous Reserve  PhotoMaleku Indigenous Reserve  Photo

Who says you can't learn something new during your vacation? The Maleku Indigenous Reserve Tour is your chance to immerse yourself in history and culture of the Maleku. Listen to them speak their native dialect, and discover how they continue to uphold their customs in the wake of a changing world.

This tour is an excellent choice for families who want their children to become educated citizens of the world. Adults with a penchant for anthropology, history, and do it yourself movements will enjoy learning about life outside of the rat race. This vacation, think outside the box and participate in an authentic cultural exchange.

It's going to be an amazing day in La Fortuna, Costa Rica — especially when you book the Maleku Indigenous Reserve Tour. La, Fortuna is the home of the Arenal region, a veritable mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Arenal Volcano and Lake offer a variety of amazing activies from jungle hikes to zip line adventures. Enjoy fresh air, the sights and sounds of wildlife, and an abundance of beautiful scenery.

A Place Where Tradition Remains

About an hour outside of La Fortuna is where you'll find 7,396 acres (2,993 ha) of living history spread across three (3) towns, or Palenques. El Sol, Tonjibe, Margarita are home to 1,000 inhabitants who speak their native language of 'Maleku Jaica,' when they are not teaching visitors about their customs. This tour is your opportunity to support the Maleku in preserving cultural traditions — teach your children, or remind yourself, that knowledge needn't become lost in history.

Specific highlights of this engaging and educational tour include:

  • Traditional Palenque construction.
  • Handmade arts, crafts, and textiles.
  • Agriculture and its relationship with cocoa.
  • A medicinal plant walking tour.

This Vacation, Get A Taste of Culture

Your tour also includes a delicious lunch with Maleku flair. Enjoy a full day outside of the usual tourist attractions. Learn something new, meet new people, and grow as a citizen of the world on this fun and educational tour. Modern history is waiting for you at the Maleku Indigenous Reserve.

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What to Bring

Comfortable clothing; tennis shoes or sports sandals; sunscreen; insect repellent; money for souvenirs, snacks, and tips.

What's included

Round trip transportation in Wi-Fi equipped air-conditioned minivans, reserve entrance fee, insurance policies, bilingual naturalist guide, bottled mineral water, and lunch (vegetarian option available; request when booking).
Maleku Indigenous Reserve

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