Are Costa Rica Adventure Tours Safe?

Adventure tours would not be in operation if they were unsafe. All of the Costa Rican adventure tours you will find on are ICT certified, have impeccable safety records, and have invested in rigorous training and safety measures which enables inexperienced tourists to have a heart-pumping experience without risking harm.

Of course, participants must realize that accidents can happen due to no fault of the company involved, as participants must always listen during safety instructions and do what the guides say. Adventure tour companies are inspected on a regular basis and must maintain the most comprehensive insurance policies for both their staff and participants.

Before each tour begins, saftey equipment is given to participants, including helmets, harnesses and life jackets, and guides double-check to make sure that everything is funtioning properly. At the begining of each tour there is an instructional practice session that teaches participants what is expected of them and how to operate their equipment.

For participants with conditions such as hypertension, irregular blood pressure or pregnancy, guides will determine whether or not you are fit to take the tour. Additionally, tour companies will cancel tours if weather conditions pose a threat to your safety

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