Are There Many Mosquitoes in Costa Rica?

Because Costa Rica is near the equator, some destinations do have mosquitoes throughout much of the year. Mosquitoes are, however, rare in other areas due to low overnight temperatures. In Monteverde and other places in Costa Rica's Central Highlands, you won't have to worry about swarms of mosquitos. Parts of the Central Valley, including San José, also lack mosquitoes.

It is important to practice mosquito prevention, especially since dengue fever has been on the rise in recent decades. (Dengue fever is characterized by severe flu-like symptoms.) While traveling in parts of Costa Rica like Alajuela and Limón it's important to wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a hat, especially when hiking in the rainforest. Also, pack insect repellent with 30 to 50 percent DEET. Most mosquitos are active at dawn and dusk, so staying indoors at these times of the day can also help prevent your exposure.