Is Costa Rica Safe?

Costa Rica is a very clean and safe place to visit. The people are friendly and there aren't major weather events (like earthquakes or hurricanes) that happen here regularly.

Update: 3/6/2020 Currently COVID-19 Corona Virus is a concern for everyone deciding to travel. Community transmission is not currently considered a risk for visitors or residents of Costa Rica. The Costa Rican medical system is on high alert and ready to treat and/or quarantine anyone that shows symptoms.

Evidence also suggests that the warm tropical climate of Costa Rica will limit community transmissions, since these conditions are unfriendly to the virus. It is understandable to be concerned, and worth knowing the facts prior to making travel decisions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly updates their travel risk assessment to countries all over the world.

There are some concerns that you should be aware of before entering Costa Rica. First of all, countries that are located closer to the equator experience larger amounts of sunlight. The UV light is more intense in this part of the world, so wear sunscreen and remember to drink lots of water. Guanacaste is one of the sunniest regions of Costa Rica. There are lots of places to avoid direct sunlight too, including high up in the mountains of San Gerardo de Dota.

While swimming in the ocean, be conscious of riptides. If you do get stuck in a riptide, don't swim against the current; rather, swim parallel to the shore. No matter what, don't panic – usually strong currents will bring you to calmer water. Not all beaches, however, have strong currents. Calmer areas include Playa Manzanillo and beaches along the Papagayo Gulf.

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Beat Travel Bugs

Be sure to wash your hands before meals – a good idea is to bring a small container of hand sanitizer to kill germs. Additionally, simple first aid kits with band-aids, pain relievers, tape, scissors, bug spray, sunscreen, and diarrhea medicine may come in handy. Very few cases of dengue and malaria have been reported in Costa Rica. These diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes. Areas like Monteverde and Arenal lack mosquitos, so travelers will be safe from these diseases while traveling in places set at higher elevations.

You can check with your local physician for the most current requirements, but as of January 2020, no inoculations are necessary for North Americans to travel to Costa Rica. If you do become sick, over the counter medicine can be found at a drugstore (farmacía) or medical attention can be provided at a clinic (clínica). You will be able to find a hospital in most of the major cities, although in cases of serious emergency, simply dial 911.

Want Safety advice from Local Advisors?

At any point if you want realtime safety insight about visiting Costa Rica just call +1-888-456-3212 or email us Feeling and actually staying safe while abroad is essential and we are here to help.

Be More Relaxed When You Know How to Stay Safe

Safety is an everyday concern whether we find ourselves in big cities or foreign countries. On the whole, Costa Rica is one of the safest and friendliest nations you can visit. The ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle and fantastic weather encourage a friendly disposition; however, bad apples exist in the best of places. When it comes to personal safety, it’s as simple as keeping your wits about you and exercising common sense:

Use reputable transportation services. Do not carry and display large amounts of cash. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people within them. Keep your personal belongings in your hotel’s safe or a hidden travel compartment. Do not wander around unfamiliar areas, side streets, and alleys after dark – especially when alone.

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Travel with Confidence in Costa Rica

Most tours and activities you do in Costa Rica all adhere to strict safety rules, provided that you book through a reliable agency or provider. An Anywhere Agent can assure you of all your questions and concerns if you are considering Costa Rica as your next vacation destination. In fact, your Anywhere Local Expert has the knowledge and resources to help you with everything from trying a new activity to offering a recommendation for an anniversary or birthday dinner. Make this the year you’re an active participant in your own vacation – when we help you plan your hotels, tours, and transportation, your free to live in the moment and focus on the experience instead of the logistics. Live a life of adventure when you travel with Anywhere.

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