Heredia Tours and Activities

Heredia tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Heredia
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Toucan Rescue Ranch is helping to preserve Costa Rica’s rarest species. On this tour, you’ll get a front row seat to shows that usually take place deep in the rainforest.
In the mountains 20 minutes north of San Jose, Sibú Chocolate uses their own organic cocoa beans to make dark and milk chocolate candies. On your tour you’ll taste every phase of the chocolate-making process, including the raw cacao fruit and the freshly toasted beans. You’ll also get a taste of chocolate history, and sip a hot chocolate drink made following a recipe from the 1500s.
This multi day Rafting excursion allows visitors to get in more rafting and spend more time relaxing and to enjoy the Pacuare River Valley including a 1-night stay at the Rios Tropicales Lodge.
Located in the fertile highlands of Costa Rica's central valley, Café Britt has been running plantation tours since 1991. This tour includes visits to both the coffee plantation and roastery, where you''ll watch workers and learn the art of professional coffee tasting.
This culinary tour introduces visitors to Costa Rican food and coffee. During this tour you’ll focus on the offerings at popular local markets, and pass by scenic parks.
Sloths have exploded in popularity lately, but Costa Rican wildlife centers have championed these animals long before they were the tree-dwelling mammals du jour. This tour allows you to experience two-toed sloths up close while you enjoy a nice cup of Costa Rican coffee.
On this tour of Finca Rosa Blanca Plantation, you’ll learn how coffee is made and see an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. The plantation is home to thousands of species of tree and 130 birds species.
Study Spanish in Heredia and you will be located in one of the most well-connected hubs in Costa Rica. Want to tour a coffee plantation after Spanish class? How about a hike up a volcano? Or a stroll through a museum? Heredia is near it all, but is far less hectic than San José.
Beyond an outstanding multi day rafting excursion this 4 day journey allows visitors to partake in a variety of nature and adventure activities within the Pacuare River Valley including rafting, canopy tour, hiking as well as education about community conservation efforts.
This tour allows you to experience the tropical environment of Heredia, Costa Rica, as well as the bright, rich flavors of its native coffee beans. Café Britt coffee farm is a gourmet coffee farm that strives to offer the finest possible Costa Rican coffee.
This multi day Rafting excursion allows visitors to get in more rafting and spend more time relaxing and to enjoy the Pacuare River Valley including 2 nights at the Rios Tropicales Lodge.
Why not experience one of the most gorgeous river rafting trips in the world on the Pacuare River. It lives in the lush valley of Turrialba in the Central Valley of Costa Rica known for its exuberant beauty, wildlife and great rapids. This trip is excellent for those 14 years and up and for the adventurous beginner to the experienced rafter.
On this tour, you’ll get to cross over 5 different hanging bridges in the incredible rainforest of Sarapiquí.
Like so many cities in North America, San José foodies consider craft beer a staple of nights out. On this tour you’ll go on a pub crawl in the trendy Escalante neighborhood and try some popular Costa Rican brews.
20 minutes outside of downtown San José, Costa Rica is where you'll find the Toucan Rescue Ranch. This tour offers a hands-on educational adventure that will immerse you in the challenging and rewarding work of animal rescue and rehabilitation. Spend 2 evenings in comfortable guest house accommodations, and get acquainted with the local wildlife on a more meaningful level.
On this tour you’ll get a good look at some of the environment that makes Costa Rica an ecological wonder. First you’ll see the Britt coffee plantation, and learn about Costa Rican coffee. Then you’ll head to La Paz waterfall gardens for an outdoor lunch and an informative look at local flora and fauna.
Unleash some creativity on this artsy tour of the Toucan Rescue Ranch. You’ll see up-close exhibits of rare animals and document them with your preferred medium — photography and sketches welcome.