Do You Offer Costa Rica Trip Insurance or Know Where I Can Purchase It?’s mission is to make sustainable adventure travel easily accessible to everyone — from seasoned globetrotters to people who have never left their hometown. International travel can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Every aspect of your vacation should be worry-free, and when you combine travel insurance with the service of Anywhere, it is.

Although our company is fully insured for our in-country operations, we cannot directly offer trip cancellation or emergency insurance to our clients. That's why we suggest doing a simple online search to find the travel insurance that meets your primary concerns.

This is the best way to make sure you enjoy full coverage during your trip. Prepare for the best vacation of your life, because if the worst should happen — you’re already covered.

The point of taking a vacation is to escape the worries and doldrums of daily life; an adventure here, a tropical drink there, and you return home reinvigorated (and maybe even a little sun-kissed). No worries, no cares, just living life one joyous day at a time. At, we pride ourselves on making sure that we offer you ongoing travel support during every part of your journey — from the moment you choose a destination until you return home to do your laundry. However, even we can’t mitigate some of life’s unexpected circumstances.

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Life doesn’t care about perfect travel plans, that’s why even though you’ve used's resources to thoroughly research every activity, restaurant, and weather calendar: the wildlife hides, the bistro runs out of the dish you wanted to try, and it rains out of nowhere! As annoying as these things may be, they still don’t have to ruin your vacation: you see a reclusive bird on your hotel’s grounds, discover a great new dish, and end up snorkeling in warm rain (you were going to get wet anyway). What’s not as easy for to help you solve? Twisting your ankle when you slip on a muddy path, even though you’re an avid hiker.

A bruise here, a bout of traveler’s diarrhea there…you might have prepared for these things, but what about that major deal coming up at work? The one that’s forcing you to push back the vacation time you requested four (4) months ago? There are all sorts of issues that can come up at any point during your trip and throw a wrench in your best laid plans. However, if you purchased traveler’s insurance, then even when things go wrong, they can still turn out alright.

  • Surgical bills.
  • Emergency return flights.
  • Search and rescue; non-emergency evacuation.
  • Well known threat of a virus (Zika, etc.).
  • Sudden illness or loss of childcare.
  • Unemployment.

Surprised by this list? Depending on the type of plan you purchase, travel insurance can not only assist you during a medical emergency, it can even help you recoup the better part of your money if you need to cancel your trip for any reason — including those that have a significant impact on your life, but qualify as more of a ‘personal problem’ than an injury or ailment that prevents you from traveling comfortably or safely.

Don’t plan for most of your vacation — plan for all of it! Purchasing travel insurance is easier than you think. Reduce your risk and increase your peace of mind.

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