Can I Pay For the Costa Rica Itinerary Using Multiple Credit Cards?

Yes, and it is very easy to do so. As soon as particular services become available on the itinerary, they can be paid for online. If you want to split the costs of the itinerary, just select the items you want to pay for with the first credit card and then repeat the process with other credit cards for the remaining items.

Another option is to give your login to the person paying with a separate credit card, so that they can access the itinerary and pay for the items that they wish to pay for. In fact, you can split the itinerary up into as many different cards as there are services (for example, if you had booked three services, you could pay for them with three separate credit cards).

Unfortunately, we cannot divide the cost into two or three equal amounts. But, for example, if the hotel is $300, the tours are $150 and the transportation is $200, then those three items can be paid for with three separate cards; or the first card can pay for the hotel and second card can pay for the tours and the transportation to make the charge more equal. If you need any assistance with this process, please ask one of our travel advisors for help.

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