What Are the Benefits of Booking My Trip With Anywhere Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

Our goal is to provide accessible travel solutions for anywhere visitors wish to go in Costa Rica, and our specialty is composing a vacation that meets both your travel goals as well as your budget. We offer client-centered services and work tirelessly to create positive experiences for families, couples, groups and solo travelers.

AnywhereCostaRica.com is a single point of contact for nearly all Costa Rican travel services, which permits our clients to spend less time waiting for answers from different companies and more time learning about trip options from our trip advisors. Besides being a reliable and dependable resource for visitors to Costa Rica, we have a reputation among hundreds of hotels and tour operators as a dependable and reliable company. Costa Rican companies love to work with us and we are contacted constantly about new lodging and tour options throughout the country. Our strong relationships with Costa Rican travel partners ensures top-notch service for our clients.

We are available via toll free phone, email and online chat - so if you have a question, just ask! In addition, we offer customers a secure online payment service which allows all services to be paid for and confirmed in advance, so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time planning and figuring out logistics.

Our office is open 7 days a week, so during the trip planning process as well as during your actual trip to Costa Rica we are standing by and eager to assist you in every possible way. Our staff is 100% Costa Rican, we are certified by the Costa Rican Tourism board, contribute to local communities, and are working on our certificate of sustainable tourism. You can read more about our company here. Additionally, some of our non-profit efforts can be viewed here.