Dominical Tours and Activities

Dominical tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Dominical
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This rainforest experience takes you on a hike through Hacienda Barú. You’ll hike with an experienced guide through primary and secondary forest.
Take this tour to see a cave and a canyon in the midst of the gorgeous Dominical landscape. You’ll spend the night camping in a comfortable cave, and spend the daytime rappelling, hiking, and swimming in a nearby waterfall.
On this active tour of Marino Ballena National Park, you’ll get to visit a popular snorkeling spot and have a fun kayaking cruise around the coastline. This excursion comes with great views and the chance to see colorful wildlife.
The Bahia Aventuras Combo Tour combines elements of some of the most popular tours - whale/dolphin watching and snorkeling - into one rip-roaring, exciting day of adventure.
You don't have to be a professional adrenaline junkie to enjoy this tour! Get a rush when you sign-up for a tandem paraglide across beautiful Dominical, Costa Rica. Soar like a bird for 20 minutes as the region's gentle currents carry you over the landscape. Prepare to glide so smoothly that you don't even have to remove your sunglasses.
Hacienda Barú is known for its rare lowland mangroves. These lowlands are home to some of the most spectacular bird watching in the region.
Take this adventurous tour of a jungle obstacle course for the chance to climb with the monkeys of Hacienda Barú. Experienced guides will make sure you’re comfortable in the sturdy harnesses.